The Baobab fruit delivers – antioxidants, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Most villages use it to help cleanse their colon, control high blood pressure & when taken frequently, can help with weight loss. Many African’s feed this miracle fruit to their children because of the high amount of Vitamin C to help  boost their immune system. Add this healthy fruit powder to your daily diet and enjoy our favorite Baobab Fruit recipes.




Mother Nature was at her very best when she created baobab. She naturally dries the fruits of the iconic African baobab tree and we simply mill and sieve the dried fruit pulp into a tasty, easy-to-use powder. This amazing fruit delivers a cornucopia of nutrition – antioxidants, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals. There aren’t enough accolades for baobab: a raw, whole food, gluten free & uncompromised nutrient synergy, just to name a few.It’s just plain good for you.

Popular Recipes 

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  • Mix it with water or juice. Baobab by itself tastes like diluted lemonade, very refreshing after a hard workout.

  • Add it to yogurt or smoothies for an antioxidant rich treat.

  • Stir a spoonful into breakfast cereal or oatmeal.

  • Mix it into the batter for pancakes, waffles or other baked goods.

  • How about baobab sherbet or ice cream? Delicious and nutritious.

  • You can even add it to hot tea or make a cold refreshing drink!  

If you have IBS Or High Blood Pressure, You May Take Two Tea Spoons Of Baobab Fruit Powder In The Morning Before Breakfast And Two Tea Spoons At Night Before Bed Time! 



Baobab consists of more than 50% fiber by weight. More importantly, the majority of fiber is the highly beneficial soluble variety. Soluble fiber creates a gel-like substance in the intestines, helping regulate blood sugar by prolonging the time the stomach empties and therefore releasing sugars more slowly. Soluble fiber also helps regulate the digestive tract, stabilize intestinal-tract contractions, lower LDL and PH levels, and raise levels of the helpful superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme, a free-radical inhibitor. In all, soluble fiber is believed to lower inflammation related to obesity-related diseases, strengthen the immune system, and maintain healthy digestion.



The benefits of antioxidants are estimated to be abundant, and baobab delivers more of these powerful disease fighters than any other superfood, including acai, Goji berries, blueberries, cherries and pomegranates. High levels of antioxidants combined with fiber may reduce inflammation and support a healthy immune system.

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