Please read the information below to find out about the most frequent questions we get asked by customers about red palm oil .

This information is very vital to all new users of red palm oil, learn how to use this oil before buying it. By Juka Ceesay 


Q. How is virgin, unprocessed and non-mixed red pure palm oil suppose to look?


A: Organic Red palm oil should have a very consistent texture and never separates, although in a hot  temperature it gets very liquified, but most importantly it should still all be one texture. 

The color should be a very deep red and not dark orange, even after you cook with the oil the red color should never diminish. If  palm oil is mixed with other oils to maximize profit it will compromise with the color as well as the nutritional benefits.





Q. why does my  palm oil look like liquid in the summer and solid in the winter time ?


A: The texture of pure organic red palm oil in hot temperature will look liquified, but most importantly it should still be all one texture. This oill will also change texture in cold temperature but will still remain consistent and not separated. 




Q: How can I use Red Palm Oil daily?

A: Organic Red Palm oil is great as an add on oil, you can add it when sautéing vegetables, in your smoothie, on your fish fillet, soups, Chicken, fish or beef stew  and it is especially delicious with sauteed or steamed spinach or kale. Do not fry with palm oil and alway only cook with it on low heat. 






Q: Why is Organic Red Palm Oil good ?

A: Organic palm oil contains the highest amounts of vitamins A and E of any plant- based oil. Its dark red color comes from carotenes, such as alpha-carotene and beta-carotene (vitamin A). Organic red palm oil's health benefits are countless. For more information on this great oil please visit our red palm oil blog . 






Q: What is the best way to store Palm Oil?

A: This oil can be stored in a kitchen cabinet although when it is hot as in summer you can refrigerate it, this will make it easier to scoop out of the jar to avoid it from dripping all over the kitchen and stain things less.





Q: Should I cook with palm oil in high heat & what is the smoke point ?


A: Do not cook with organic red palm oil in high heat as it tends smoke, only cook with it in low heat. If you are new to using palm oil, try to use it as an add on oil when you cook. 

Nevertheless, The smoke point of extra virgin red palm oil is very high, it is 425 degrees F. This makes it a uniquely healthy oil to cook with. Red palm oil can be cooked repeatedly without breaking down the carotenoids and it's health benefits.  





Q: Is Natural Palm Oil gluten free?


A: Yes, Natural red palm oil does not contain any gluten.





Q. Why is Organic Red Palm Oil so red and why does it stain everything ?


A: Red palm oil's red color comes from the natural presence of betacarotene and lycopene, which gives carrots and tomatoes their distinctive red and orange colors. Once digested, the body converts these to vitamin A. The equivalent amount of organic palm oil offers 17 times the betacarotene of a carrot. Since natural palm oil is very high in carotene it can easily stain things around the kitchen. 





Q: How can I remove Organic red palm oil when it stains stuff around the kitchen?


A: The best way to remove palm oil stains is to quickly wash it off with hot / warm water and soap. If it is on your kitchen counter, you can use a wet towel with soap and warm water to wipe it off.   





Q. What is the lifespan of Organic red palm oil? 


A: Organic palm oil has a very long lifespan, natural and authentic red palm oil does not go rancid for at least 3 to 4 years. This oil is rich in natural phytonutrients that are important for health. These phytonutrients (i.e. : tocotrienols and carotenes) are also powerful antioxidants that helps maintain and extends the shelf life of palm oil and all foods prepared with organic red palm oil.


By Juka Ceesay 

We have the best red palm oil that comes from Africa . We do not mix our oil for profit it is pure , organic and 100% natural.

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