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Juka's Organic Co., has combine variety of innovative items (Organic Red Palm Oil, Shea butter, Baobab Fruit Powder, Red Palm Oil Soaps, Hair Products and lots more) from the historic past of Africa to tailor them to fit today's contemporary life while still maintaining the authenticity of these products. Our products are all made with sustainable ingredients, they are imported from small villages of Africa that are produced by small scale women farmers. Watch our company story on our homepage to learn more about us.  



"Africa's Purest To Your Doorstep"

  • Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil

    Buy Red Palm Oil 1/2 liter Juka's Organic Co.

    100% Organic & Sustainable From Africa 

    Never tried this healthy cooking oil before? Buy red palm oil from us today by starting with a small jar and you might just come back fro more. Our company is proud to be known for being one of the best providers of red palm oil. Visit our red palm oil recipe page for recipe ideas so this won't be just a one time remedy for a quick fix of loosing weight or staying healthy. Make this oil your know cooking oil or part of your daily diet!


    What Are the Health Benefits of Natural Red Palm Oil? For countless centuries, organic palm oil has served as a cure-all for many common ailments in Africa. It is still common for the sick to be administered a cup of the oil to add in their foods. In addition, pregnant and nursing mothers in the African villages take red palm oil daily to boost the vitamin content of their milk naturally.

    The red color comes from the natural presence of betacarotene and lycopene, which gives carrots and tomatoes their distinctive red and orange colors. Once digested, the body converts these to vitamin A. The equivalent amount of organic red palm oil offers 15 times the betacarotene of a carrot. As such, one teaspoon of the extra red palm oil supplies a child with the daily recommended allowance of vitamin A. 

    ed palm oil, particularly extra virgin has tremendous health benefit on hair, skin and on overall health such as heart conditions, vitamin A deficiency and on lowering cholesterol. In Africa most villagers use the oil as their favorite cooking oil but also to treat skin problems, such as rashes, boils and dry skin. The women also use the left over residue of the palm fruit after extracting the oil to make soaps. This great oil is also used as a hot oil treatment for hair to soften and strengthen hair growth. When you ask me what is red palm oil? I always say extra virgin red palm oil is to Africans as olive oil is to Italians, we simply use this oil for everything or regularly. 

  • Red Palm Oil Sauce

    Juka's Organic Red Palm Oil Sauce

    Juka's Organic  "Taste Of Africa"

    We at Juka's believe that healthy eating should be a lifestyle experience and not a onetime encounter. To make it all easy for you and to include this healthy oil in your daily diet, you can now enjoy this easy to use, mouthwatering red palm oil sauce from Juka' s Organic.


    This delicious red palm oil cooked sauces, can be added to any cooked grains, fish, or any meat, tofu, vegetables, yams or even beans in just under 5 minutes. For your convenience, each item has 4 simple different recipes on a tag to give you quick tips for usage. This sauce will change the way you see red palm oil, from a healing oil to a delightful food experience. This sauce is filled with all natural and basic ingredients with ZERO preservatives, MSG and GMO FREE. It is All VEGAN, with the goodness of red palm oil that has the highest levels of antioxidant out of any cooking oil. There is no healthier and more delicious way to indulge red palm oil than this specialty gourmet sauce. Try a jar for a healthy dinner with your family and you will be coming back for more. Our Product Sustainability- ​Our Organic Red Palm Oil, and all our products are 100 % sustainable. This is one of the reasons why our RPO taste so pure and authentic. It is imported from the villages of Africa produced by small scale women farmers and ethically harvested every three months. Our farmers DO NOT engage in the harming of wildlife or rain forest. The red palm fruit trees have been in these villages for many centuries. 

    Directions: For a healthier experience & more economical serving, mix this sauce with Juka's organic red palm oil (same equation & warmup). Then add to already cooked (sautéed, baked, fried or grilled) seafood, chicken or choice of meat & serve over cooked rice, couscous or cooked quinoa. Can also be used on tofu, and saute veggies, cooked beans & yams. Each Jar Comes With A Tag That Has Four Simple Recipes. 

  • Red Pam Oil Liquid Capsules

    buy red palm oil capsules

    Made With Our Own Trusted Red Palm Oil

    Want to get the health benefits of red palm oil but don't like the taste? Add red palm oil to your daily diet with our all natural veggie capsules!

    Our Red Palm Oil is selectively Imported directly from small villages of Africa.


    We have earn the trust of every customer that is able to identify authentic RPO, In fact Juka’s is the No.1 selling brand in all the local African stores that supplies our RPO in the U.S. We do not mix our red palm oil with other cheap oils to maximize Profit, nor is it process, we bring it to you at its purest. True & unrefined red palm oil has a very deep red color and not orange nor any other color. Don’t just buy any red palm oil if you are solely buying it for health reasons, make sure it is authentic, if not you will waste your $. Try Juka’s Red Palm oil to get the nutritional benefits you deserve. If RPO is not authentic, if it is refined or processed it will be orange instead of deep red color and the taste will therefore be bland and not unique. Red palm oil’s continent of origin is Africa so please take it from us to look for these signs when you make your selection of RPO.


    Authentic red palm oil offers lots of health benefits, we hope you start adding it to your diet. 

    *1-Serving (0.25grams) = 2 Tablespoons (28grams) Of Red Palm Oil 

    *Contains A Total Of (90 Liquid Capsules) (Take 2 per day a total of 45 days supply) 

    For maximum results, take the two capsules at once, this will give you lots of energy especially before a workout.

  • Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

    Buy Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Juka's Orga

    Extra Virgin & Taste Like Fresh Coconut 

    Juka’s taste like fresh coconut, as it should. We do not mix our coconut oil with other cheap oils to maximize profit. Our coconut oil is unprocessed, cold pressed, extra virgin & organic. It is 100% natural, we bring it to you at its purest. Try Juka’s cold pressed Coconut oil to discover for yourself what sets it apart from other coconut oils in the market”.


    Coconut, from the palm family is one of the most known nutrient dense cooking oil around the world. But, as with any natural food product you turn to for its healing properties, one MUST make sure it is authentic. If a product isn’t 100% natural, you will NOT enjoy the health benefits it offers. The Palm fruit’s family offers countless health benefits to the human body. High in Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) , Lauric and Caprylic Acids, virgin coconut oil helps boost metabolism along with many other health worth.​

    Juka's Organic Co. has partnered up with small scale women farmers from small villages of West Africa to supply their hand selected, virgin, unprocessed, organic Coconut oil.  All the women that work with Juka's use the traditional method of coconut oil extraction, cold pressed which is the method that has been used throughout African villages for centuries. The continent of Africa has a lot of sustainable natural food products to offer to the world. Palm trees are part of these villages and have been for centuries. 

  • Baobab Fruit Powder

    Juka's Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

    Africa's Miracle Fruit For High Blood Pressure

    The Baobab fruit delivers – antioxidants, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals to the body. Most villages use it to help cleanse their colon, control high blood pressure & when taken frequently, can help with weight loss. Many African’s feed this miracle fruit to their children because of the high amount of Vitamin C to help boost their immune system.

    Just to list a few this miracle fruit powder is naturally,

    • Filled With Antioxidants  

    • The Best Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure 

    • Helps With Weight Loss

    • Exceptional Fiber – 50% by weight, of which 75% is soluble fiber

    • Magnesium, Vitamin C &  Iron

    • Antioxidants – 7,800 ORAC *High In Vitamin C  

    • Iron – 2x As Much As Red Meat Or Spinach

    • Magnesium – 4x The Amount Of Most Coconut Waters

    Why Juka’s?

    We are committed to bringing our baobab to you just as we had it in Africa. Our Baobab miracle fruit powder is unrefined, unprocessed and 100% natural. All our women partners in African villages use the traditional methods to derive our powder from the fruit. To ensure the best and highest quality of baobab it must be naturally dried with no added additives. Try Juka’s today to experience the best baobab fruit from Africa.

  • Moringa Powder 

    Buy moringa powder from jukasorganic.com

    Africa's Superfood, Plant Protein 

    What is Maringa? Moringa powder is extracted from the tropical moringa tree, namely the moringa oleifera species. Although it is now harvested in many parts of the world, it is native & indigenous to Africa. Many Ancient Africans used moringa leaves in their daily meals & often cooked this superfood as the southerners cook collard greens in the U.S. It is particularly use in villages that don’t have access or the wealth to buy meat. Because of its potent nutrients, it has kept villagers that consume it nourish & healthy. It is now widely used in many parts of the world because of its known health benefits. Some of the many benefits include, high in protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin A, E & K, magnesium, amino acid & fiber. This makes it the superfood of Africa.


    • 25% plant protein including all 9 essential amino acids 

    • 24% fibre 

    • A rich source of iron, vitamin K & E

    • A source of vitamin A & calcium 

    • High in antioxidants



    Why Juka’s? As all other products we bring to you, we take great pride in sharing African food & natural healing products we used growing up. We are dedicated to representing the continent in the best possible manner. With trust, we bring our Moringa powder just as we use it in Africa. Pure, authentic and unrefined, Juka’s work with small scale women farmers that ethically harvest moringa leaves each season in the villages of west Africa. The moringa leaves are naturally dried and blended to make for a magnificent superfood. Try Juka’s today, to see what sets our products apart from the rest.

    How To Use Moringa?

    Sprinkle 2 spoons

    Smoothie & Shakes

    Cold Or Hot Drinks

    Cooked Soup

    Oat Meal & Hot Cereal

    Click on our recipe tap to access more moringa recipes to infuse to your daily diet. 

  • Fonio 

    buy fonio at jukasorganic.com

    Africa's Wholegrain 

    Fonio is a preeminent African superfood that is harvested in the savannas of West Africa. This millet grain is little-known outside of Africa but, like quinoa, the grains are used in porridge and as couscous but is known to be much healthier choice. fonio is one of the most nutritious of all grains. It’s so full of protein that it even has amino acids that other grains don’t, making it a much more complete protein source. fonio is also known to be rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. It’s also very high in fiber and has a low glycemic index. Traditionally in Africa, many people that suffer from diabetes eat fonio instead of rice as a healthier substitute. The decadent flavor and easy to digest & health benefits, fonio is slowly becoming well known as a go to grain choice for many chefs and foodies around the world.



    Why Juka’s? Juka’s Organic is committed to bringing the best fonio to your kitchen tables. We have partnered with women in villages of West Africa to import their hand selected and ethically harvested fonio. Our fonio grains are de-husked, thoroughly hand washed and naturally dried to preserve the most authentic & premium quality fonio.


    How To Use Raw Fonio

    • Cook as puree or as grits – Add 1 cup of fonio with 5 cups of water, 1 cup of milk, and boil until it has a thick puree consistency. Add sweetener, a pinch of salt, coconut oil or condiments of choice. 

    • Add to soup- Boil 1 cup of fonio with 3 cups of water. Add 1-2 spoons in any soup recipe for a more felling healthier choice of carbohydrate.   

    • Serve as a side dish to substitute rice or couscous - Roast fonio alone in a pot, on medium heat and stir for 8 mins and remove. Add 1 ½ cup of water with 1 spoon of olive oil, pinch of salt (to taste), 2 bay leaves (optional), cover & bring to boil. Add roasted fonio, cook for 1 mins stir only once, reduce heat to extremely low and cover pot to simmer for 10 mins or until water has completely evaporate. Serve as a side dish. Cooked fonio can also be added to salad bowls just like quinoa (Juka’s also offers the pre-roasted fonio). For more detail recipes on Fonio, click on our recipe tap above. 

  • Raw African Shea Butter


    100% Unrefined & Sustainable

    Juka's Organic's shea butter is full of nutrients, including vitamin A, which has many healing properties and has been known to aid in treating blemishes, wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis, burns and even stretch marks. Shea butter is also packed with antioxidants like vitamin E, polyphenols  phytonutrients. These ingredients make shea butter an anti-inflammatory, which is why it works so well at moisturizing and soothing all types of skin.

    Juka’s Organic Co., has partnered up with women from small villages of Africa to  get the best quality shea butter derived from the seed of the Shea tree. The cream is extracted and prepared without the use of chemicals, it is  prepared by cold press methods without the use of added chemicals or preservative. In addition, our shea butter is  raw which maintains its therapeutic qualities and will keep your skin moist and supple, whereas refined, processed shea butter loses almost all of its healing properties. Try Juka’s today and experience the exceptional premium quality that our women partners have manufactured just for you.  


    The Benefits Of 100% Shea Butter:

    • Shaving Cream For A Smooth Silky Shave.

    • Stretch Mark Prevention During Pregnancy

    • Dry Skin & Itching Skin

    • Skin Rash & Sunburn

    • Natural Dry Hair

    • Use As An Under Eye Cream

    Ingredients: 100% Natural, Raw, Shea Butter From West Africa  

  • Superfood Oil Treatment

    red palm oil for hair

     For All Hair Types

    Intensively, Conditions, Moisturizes, Repairs & Protects The Hair (Anti-Aging For All Hair Types)!

    A new generation of taking care of hair, going back to nature by using only all organic natural food oils. This will instantly help soften and tame rough texture leaving hair very soft, manageable, hydrated, moisturized, polished & smooth. The perfect combination of all the necessary foods for the body are put together, carefully selected, extracted into the purest natural oils, including the miracle ancient healing oil "Red Palm Oil", soak deep into dry hair to smooth each strand of hair into perfection! This "Superfood hair treatment" will protect hair & scalp from aging and give your hair food it needs to stop breakage, split ends, dryness and give it maximum strength to promote healthy growth.


    Ingredients: Organic red palm oil, Coconut oil, Sesame seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carrot oil, other secret organic, natural oils.


    Directions: Always shake the bottle before using it. Comb hair and part into 4 large sections. Put drops of the superfood oil directly onto hair or palm, apply into hair, massage thoroughly with fingers and comb hair. Apply more to problem areas and message the product to hair as much as possible as well as onto scalp (Hair should be saturated with oil). Do a double strand twist, if hair is too straight or short, it is not needed. Cover hair with a plastic cap, wrap a small towel around your head for at least 2-3 hours. For intensive conditioning, a hair steamer cap could be used. For maximum results repeat once a week or every two weeks for healthier hair.

  • Natural Hair Food

    buy red palm oil capsules

    Made With All Natural Food Oils

    A new generation of taking care of natural hair, with all organic natural food oils. Instantly helps soften & tame rough textures leaving hair very soft, manageable, hydrated, moisturized, polished & smooth. The perfect combination of all the necessary food for the body is carefully selected, extracted into the purest natural oils, put together to soak deep into dry hair to smooth each strand of hair in to perfection. Give your hair the food it needs to stop breakage, split ends, dryness and give it maximum strength to promote growth.

    • All Natural Oils

    • Chemicals & Fragrance Free

    • No Residue

    • Moisturize & Conditions Without Wetness

    Direction :

    • Daily Styling For Curly Look - Part wet hair into large sections. Apply product into wet hair, massage thoroughly with fingers and comb hair to detangle. Apply more to problem areas and massage the product to hair as much as possible. Do a double strand twist, leave hair to air dry, untwist and style.

    • Daily Styling For Straight Look - Apply to towel dried hair. Massage product on hair with fingers, comb and style as desired.  

    • Leave in Treatment - Apply as directed for “Daily Styling For Curly Look”. Re-apply before bedtime without undoing double strand twists. Cover with a plastic cap overnight for intensive conditioning (A hair steamer cap could also be used during the day time). Style as desired in the morning. (Repeat every 4 weeks for healthier hair).

    • If you are of a caucasian descent and have straight hair, you can only use this “natural hair food” product as an oil treatment. Part your hair in to two sections, rub a good amount of the product in between your palms and apply to sectioned hair. Massage product well into your hair and scalp. Leave it on hair by wearing a shower cap, wrap a towel around your head for a minimum of 3 hours or for maximum results wear a hair steamer cap. Wash your hair with shampoo and proceed with conditioner as a normal day of hair wash. (For the best result, repeat this procedure at least every 2 weeks).   

    This product does not have red palm oil because it is meant for a leave-in, althougt it does have lots of great food oils.

  • Red Palm Oil Soaps

    Red Palm Oil Soap For Skin .jpg

    100% Handmade With Red Palm Oil

    Filled With Nature’s Anti-Oxidants (Red Palm Oil). This red palm oil mint blend, anti- aging & anti-acne soap will keep your skin, blemish-free, firm, moist, pearly smooth and youthful. Continual use over time will result in softer & healthier skin.

    Our Soaps Are Filled With Extra Virgin, Pure Red Palm Oil.

    • Ancient African Secret To Cure All Skin Problems

    • Anti Bacterial, Great for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Boils, Dry Skin and Dermatitis!

    Directions: Wet face, and hands apply this buttery soap on your face and body. Massage into your damp skin in a circular motion. If you apply it on your face, leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly..  

    Ingredients: Saponified vegetable & fruit oils (organic red palm, organic extra virgin olive, organic coconut, organic high oleic sunflower, organic castor), distilled water, essential oils (tea tree, peppermint, lemon, patchouli), calcium bentonite clay, organic peppermint & sea salt.

    All Our Ingredients Are 100% Sustainable Natural Oils. All Chemicals & Fragrance Free! 


    Did you know that "Black Soap" is made out of the residue of red palm oil? African women always knew red palm oil is great for the body so they extracted the oil to cook with but always used the red palm oil residues (the bottom residues of the fruit once all the oil is extracted) to make their soaps which is now known as "Black Soap", Although Black Soap is highly loved and trusted by many people across the globe, we at Juka's Organic Co. want to introduce all of our customers to this premium, ancient oil "red palm oil" to be use as a daily facial or body soap to improve and maintain skin health.

  • African Black Soap 

    Original Black Soap Juka's Organic .jpg

    100% Handmade Black Soap 

    For hundreds of years, women of West Africa have found a natural way to make the residue of tropical plants into their own soaps now known as Black Soap.Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or a combination of the two, African black soap works wonders for every skin type. Our blacks soaps are made with the core ingredients of traditionally native plants of red palm oil and shea butter. Red palm oil is filled with natural vitamin E, alpha and beta carotene and other antioxidants, as well as essential fatty acids. Shea butter, is also a very potent nut that is used as the base ingredients to make this black soap so magical for radiant, acne free and youthful skin.

    Despite its name, African black soap is brown in color, somewhat crumbly, and has an earthy scent. Raw and unprocessed, Simply squeeze off a small piece of African black soap and create a lather in your hands before rubbing it onto the skin. Rinse with cool water. For best results, follow up with your favorite moisturizer afterwards. When done using, store black soap in an open airy space to keep soap dry and last longer

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We have the best red palm oil that comes from Africa . We do not mix our oil for profit it is pure , organic and 100% natural.

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Juka's Organic Co. "Africa's Purest To Your Door Step"



Juka's Organic Palm Oil is one of the purest and most Organic  Palm Oil you can find anywhere in the world. This Natural Unrefined Organic Oil is Imported directly from the heart of Africa. We have earn a trust of every customer that has bought Juka's Organic Palm Oil from the past and we will continue to do so because quality is our priority. We do not mix our Organic Palm Oil to Maximize Profit, we bring it to you at its purest. What you see is what you get our package  is clear and our palm oil is red organic and pure! Try Juka's Organic Palm oil to get the nutritional benefits you deserve.

Juka is from West Africa and she has been in the Unrefined Organic Palm Oil Business for many years. She believes in her product and want to help the African farmers sustain their own source of income. Juka's Organic Palm Oil is imported from small villages of west  Africa that have been manufacturing Palm Oil with the most organic and unrefined technique for centuries. Juka and all her partners stand against deforestation.

"It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation because wildlife and Rainforest are  what makes Africa unique and special " By Juka Ceesay 

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