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Unopened items can be returned for any reason. Simply send the items back to us within 15 days of receipt and we will refund your money. When we receive your package we will credit the card you paid us with for the full purchase price of your product minus any shipping fees.
We apologize, but because of product shelf life products returned after 15 days will have a 20% restocking fee. We are not able to accept returns on products after 30 days.

 At Jukasorganic.com we do our best to package your product(s) so they will arrive to you in excellent condition.  Unfortunately, once the package leaves our warehouse, it goes through many hands and products may shift causing unintentional damage. Should you receive a product that has been damaged in transit, please contact us immediately for further instructions. Please do not discard the damaged product(s) and retain the original box and packaging as inspection is often required by the carriers.

1. Place items you are returning in sturdy packaging. Make sure all items are packed tightly and securely. We are not responsible for breakage during shipment of returned items.
2. Make a copy of the purchase order that was enclosed with your original order, highlight the items you are returning, and place the copy in the box with the products.
3. Use the mailing address label below to address your return shipment.
4. Take the package to your preferred shipping location to have it delivered to us. (If you are returning a product due to a defect or an error made by us, please contact us first in order to receive a return authorization.)

Exchange Policy:


If you wish to exchange any item you bought from our website, you have to return the item and make a new purchase online (please revise our return policy). However we might review each customer's situation differently.

Animal Welfare​:

Here At Juka's Palm Oil & All Our Partners Stand Against Deforestation. "It Is Our Duty and To Our Benefit As Africans To Protect Our Environment And To Preserve Our Primary Resources. Rainforest and wildlife Is Part Of Our Heritage!" 

The best palm oil comes from West Africa because it is the continent of origin especially form the small villages. Palm  trees are part of these villages and have been there for centuries, each generation of women produce their palm fruit oil as their main source of income and proudly pass it on to the next one.

"It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation because wildlife and Rainforest is what makes Africa unique and special." Juka Ceesay

Environmental Policy:

Through Juka's Organic Co. business model, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interacts. We produce less waste by using cardboards and plastic which can be recycle. Our commitment extends to all our staff. Increased awareness among our team members.We hold In-company awareness educate our staff and partners in sustainable practices, such as limiting energy consumption, using sustainable transport and modifying behaviour patterns.

Privacy Policy:


At Juka’s Organic, we understand that you care how information about you is used and shared. We care, too. As such, we make sure we safeguard your personally identifiable information and honor your requests for privacy. The following note outlines our privacy practices and commitments:

What Kind of Information Are We Talking About?- Site Navigation Juka's Organic's may collect, store and accumulate certain information concerning your use of our websites and/or our app. This would include information regarding which of our pages, contests or promotions you access the most often and are most popular among our users. The one and only reason that we collect this information is to learn how we can better enhance our offerings to and communications with you. That’s it.

Cookies (not the edible kind)- Whenever you interact on our site, we receive and store certain information in the form of Internet “cookies.” You can’t eat them and neither can we. Cookies are stored on your hard drive—not on our site—in the form of a text file (they are not harmful, nor tasty). They can help us understand your browsing patterns, which allows us to provide targeted information about products and pricing. Most cookies are “session cookies,” meaning that they are automatically deleted at the end of a session when you close your browser. Some cookies are called “persistent” cookies because they do not expire when you close your browser. Don’t worry, though—you can remove them by following directions provided in your Internet browser’s “help” file.


We do NOT use cookies to examine your surfing behavior before or after leaving the Trader Joe’s website. We have better things to do.

How does shop.JukasOrganic.com, use the information that it receives? Juka’s Organic Co., uses the information it receives to better serve you and other customers.

How does Juka’s Organic Co., use the information that it receives? With Juka’s Organic’s Employees- Access to customer information is limited to employees who need it for a business purpose, such as to serve customers or maintain our information systems. All employees are committed to following our Privacy Practices. That means employees will only use customer information to better serve you.

With Juka’s Organic’s We may also provide a list of names and addresses to a mail house so that they can send our newsletter from us to you. We may also share information with companies we have contracted with to provide technology services. Any partner that we work with would be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement that would prohibit them from disclosing the information we provide them to anyone else.

With Other Parties- Other than in the above situations, we may release your information ONLY if you request or authorize us to do so. We may also release customer information when we believe it is necessary to comply with the law, enforce our legal rights; or to protect our customers or us. We will NEVER sell your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time. Never.


What About Links to Third-Party Websites? Our site sometimes provides links to websites that are operated solely by third parties that are not under our control. These Privacy Practices apply to our site only, and is not intended to describe the privacy policies of any third party sites.

How Safe is My Information, Really? We Are Serious About The Security of Your Information:We make reasonable efforts to ensure that your personal information is protected while you are on our site. We have security procedures in the storage and disclosure of personal information, which are designed to prevent unauthorized access. It’s exactly the kind of protection that what we would want, if we were surfing the web on another site. It’s really that simple.

Changes in Our Privacy Practices and Commitments, We are always improving and updating our website to further enhance your experience. As a result, our policies will continue to evolve. As we implement new technology and provide new services, we will update our Privacy Practices & Commitments accordingly. Any changes to our Privacy Practices & Commitments will take effect upon posting. We encourage you to refer to this page on an ongoing basis for our most current policy and practices.

Your Part, By using our website, you are consenting to the collection, use and sharing of the information described in this statement of Privacy Practices & Commitments. We appreciate your trust in us and we promise to protect it fervently.

We have the best red palm oil that comes from Africa . We do not mix our oil for profit it is pure , organic and 100% natural.

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Juka's Organic Co. "Africa's Purest To Your Door Step"



Juka's Organic Palm Oil is one of the purest and most Organic  Palm Oil you can find anywhere in the world. This Natural Unrefined Organic Oil is Imported directly from the heart of Africa. We have earn a trust of every customer that has bought Juka's Organic Palm Oil from the past and we will continue to do so because quality is our priority. We do not mix our Organic Palm Oil to Maximize Profit, we bring it to you at its purest. What you see is what you get our package  is clear and our palm oil is red organic and pure! Try Juka's Organic Palm oil to get the nutritional benefits you deserve.

Juka is from West Africa and she has been in the Unrefined Organic Palm Oil Business for many years. She believes in her product and want to help the African farmers sustain their own source of income. Juka's Organic Palm Oil is imported from small villages of west  Africa that have been manufacturing Palm Oil with the most organic and unrefined technique for centuries. Juka and all her partners stand against deforestation.

"It is to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation because wildlife and Rainforest are  what makes Africa unique and special " By Juka Ceesay 

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